TITLE: Almost Home (8/?)
AUTHOR: Shoshana
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SPOILER WARNING: Seventh season episodes through Requiem.
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KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance
SUMMARY: Post ep for Requiem. Mulder comes back... but he's
missing something.
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NOTE: Thanks to my great beta readers Keleka, Lisa and Teresa!

Almost Home (8/?)
By Shoshana

This chapter is rated NC-17.

February 21st, 2001
8:00 p.m.

The empty pizza boxes and abandoned beer bottles were a testament to
the fine time had by the Gunmen and their gracious hosts. The former
had finally excused themselves when Scully had started yawning, then
apologizing for her inattentiveness. She wasn't drinking any
alcohol, but the pizza was more cholesterol-laden than her usual
diet, and she was apparently fading fast.

However, the moment her friends left the apartment, Scully got her
second wind. Inspired by the dark, lust-driven gaze her partner
directed toward her when he returned to the couch, she found plenty
of energy to meet and exceed his expectations.
Mulder hadn't expected this much passion from his tired partner. He
thought she'd want to call it an early night, but she seemed to
revive as soon as the guys left for the evening. So, here they were,
on his couch, sharing long, slow kisses with each other.

Scully had longed for Mulder for five long months and wanted to
grant him permission to love her. She sensed an uncharacteristic
shyness in him the last few days; he seemed to be playing a guessing
game, trying to intuit when to take their physical relationship
further. She knew he would feel a certain impropriety in making love
to a woman he couldn't consciously remember.

However, lust was winning out over rationality for both agents.
Tonight, he felt an overwhelming magnetic attraction to her soft skin
and silken hair-- he knew exactly how to kiss her, how to touch her,
more from instinct then from practice. Scully responded eagerly,
expressing her own raw need with a little aggressive behavior of her

They were half-seated, half-lying down in an awkward position and
Scully knew there had to be an easier way than this. Her mobility
was seriously limited by her large belly and frustrating
inflexibility. She knew where she wanted to be and was determined to
lure her companion elsewhere.

"Mulder?" she asked, gently separating their tangled limbs.

"Yeah?" he replied roughly, openly disappointed she might be calling
it a night.

"I'm going to draw a bath," she said simply, rising from the couch,
then walking toward the direction of the bedroom.

"Okay," he acknowledged blandly, trying to disguise his dashed hopes
for a little more intimacy that night.

Ten minutes passed slowly as he listened to the sound of running
water coming from his bedroom. Mulder gathered the trash from the
coffee table, recycling the beer bottles loudly so she wouldn't think
he'd passed out on the couch.

He sat back down and was about to turn on the televison, when he
heard, "Mulder, I need you in here now."

There was no fear or apprehension in her demand, so he sauntered
over to the bathroom door, then peeked around its corner.

Scully was standing in the middle of the room, fully clothed. The
room was very humid from the bath water, which smelled strongly of
vanilla. She extended her hand, beckoning him to her side.

Her expression was comfortably smug, and he knew she had something
up her sleeve. She gave him a mysterious little smile, then pulled
his sweatshirt away from his body, taking the time to run her well-
manicured hands over his smooth back muscles. He grinned down at
her, enjoying every minute of this slow seduction.

She unbuttoned his jeans, slowly, carefully, then pulled them down
over his hips. She set them next to his top, which she'd already
folded neatly on the counter. She made no move to strip off his
boxers-- instead, she took two small steps backward toward the

"Now," she whispered, "I'll be back in a minute. Get in the tub and
stay there."

Mulder stepped forward quickly, grabbing her for one more kiss
before she exited. He chuckled as she left the room, wondering why
she didn't just stay and allow him to dispense with her clothes,

He slipped into the modern-style bathtub, mentally thanking her for
not using floral bath salts tonight. The tub was so easy to get in
and out of; it must have been one reason she'd been living in his
apartment the last few months. That, and the overwhelming need to be
here if he returned, the only place he'd called home for almost ten

Mulder remembered something he'd written in his journal during the
time she'd been missing. He'd had a key from the early stages of
their partnership, and he'd found himself lying in her bed one
night, weeping over his inability to protect her. She must have
done the same for him, longing to come close to him in that same
simple way. Except their relationship had advanced so much further
by last fall, resulting in a child of their own. Her joy over her
inexplicable fertility must have been tempered by his apparent

He heard the door open, then her admonishment, "Close your eyes,
Mulder. No peeking!"

He obeyed. His compliance was well worth it, if she was planning on
joining him.

She lit a few candles, additions to his decor he'd definitely
noticed since he'd returned home. The smoky smell of the match
infiltrated the air, and he could sense when she turned off the
overhead light.

He heard the rustle of her clothing as she unbuttoned her blouse,
then unzipped her jeans. The same careful placement of her clothes
next to his, then a soft snap as she unhooked her bra. He heard her
pull her panties down to her feet, and he could only imagine which
ones they might be. He'd seen several out of the corner of his eye
when they'd sorted laundry yesterday, glancing away when she'd caught
him in the act.

Her bare feet made little noise as she walked over to the edge of
the tub, pausing first on the squared-off ledge, then deftly lowering
herself between his legs. There was no way he could disguise his
arousal now, she felt it as soon as she settled her back against his
chest. His arms encircled her, hands just skimming beneath her

"So, Scully... when do I get to open my eyes?" he whispered

"Not yet. Not till I say so."

"Bossy, aren't we?" he teased, nuzzling her neck.

"No, I just think this will jog your subconscious memories. It was
one of my favorite activities-- and I'm certain it was one of yours

Scully punctuated her remark by shifting position, acknowledging his
growing desire beneath her. Mulder groaned with pleasure, pressing
his groin against her bottom. His fingers encircled her breasts,
teasing at her nipples with care. He'd never made love to a pregnant
woman before, but he had enough sense to know they'd be ultra-

"Oh," she responded softly, loving the tender way he smoothed his
thumbs over every inch of her. It was exactly the way he used to
touch her when they'd made love last year. He then drew concentric
circles around each areola; disturbing the bath water in a similar
mesmerizing pattern.

He still hadn't opened his eyes. He wanted to see her so badly, but
she was right about the subconscious memories. It felt so good to
reconnect with her this way. Everything felt so familiar, so
comfortable between them.

Maybe the physical body remembered every experience from the past on
a molecular level, a level of consciousness having nothing to do with
retained cognizance. Just because he couldn't explain his
perceptions didn't mean he wasn't going to revel in them.

Scully turned in his arms, ascertaining he'd kept his promise and
was still sightless in their quiet, insulated world of candlelight
and soothing waters. She clasped her hands on his shoulders,
balanced so she could place kisses all over his face and jaw. She
was tempted to ask him to look into her eyes, but she didn't. He
seemed to be enjoying this sensory deprivation experiment as much
as she.

Mulder explored every vanilla-scented inch of her body, including
her swelling belly. He lingered there a few minutes and was rewarded
with robust movement from the baby. She felt him smiling against
her, lips grazing her dewy neck.

"This was a great idea, Scully," he crooned softly.

"I have some more good ideas, Mulder," she responded, moving her
hand between his legs.

"Oh! Jeez, Scully. I don't think so yet," he warned, gently
removing her touch.

His eyes had popped open the moment he'd felt her soft hand on him.
He continued speaking, intently gazing into her blue eyes, "It's been
a long time for me, Scully. Either way it's been a long time-- all
these months I've been away from you... which I can't remember... or
what I *do* remember from 1993. I hadn't been with a woman for six
months before I'd met you."

"So..." she smiled, placing her finger on his lips.

"I don't want to disappoint you. That's all." His eyes entreated
her to understand his hesitation.

"You could never disappoint me, Mulder," she assured, wrapping her
arms around him tightly.

He sprinkled kisses up and down her neck, then pulled back to admire
her now that his eyes were open.

"God, you're beautiful, Scully."

He was at long last able to appreciate what he'd been fondling
without the powerful sense of sight.

"Want me to close my eyes again?" he teased, kissing her nose, then
anchoring one stubborn strand of hair behind her ear.

"No, I think the controlled experiment is over for today. But I
don't think the investigation is over yet. What about you?" she
asked flirtatiously.

"Nope. Not over," he agreed, covering her mouth for a long wet kiss.

Before she could respond verbally, his hand had found its way to the
juncture of her thighs. She leaned into his shoulder as he gently
caressed her mons. His thumb started to tease her clitoris, in
perfect harmony with her encouraging sighs. He sprinkled kisses
along her brow, then nudged her lips back to his own. He licked and
kissed her madly, never ceasing his ministrations below.

She rocked against his hand insistently, begging for more contact.
He moved one, than another, finger inside her, creating gentle
friction where she needed it the most. His touch was very light,
very cautious. He still wasn't sure about this pregnancy thing,
though he'd always heard it was only during the last month couples
needed to abstain.

"You won't hurt me," she mumbled through her euphoric haze.

"'Kay," he muttered, his own arousal heightened by the sweet sounds
she was making as she swayed against him.

Scully's lips sought his for more deep long kisses as she teetered
closer and closer to an orgasm. Her thighs brushed provocatively
against his groin as she squirmed in his lap. He wasn't going to
last long enough to take her to bed-- he was pretty sure it wasn't
even an issue anymore.

Mulder shifted his body in the tub-- his fingers moving slowly and
steadily in and out of her body, bringing her closer and closer to
the edge with each movement of his hand. His thumb gently caressed
her sensitive clit at the same time, and shimmering waves of pleasure
surrounded her as she suddenly came.

Her mouth clamped down on the skin of his sweaty, slippery neck, and
Mulder lost his last ounce of control, coming hard against her
smooth, small thigh. Involuntarily, he slumped lower in the tub,
catching Scully before she could be harmed by falling roughly against
the porcelain surface beneath them. Her body molded quite naturally
to his new position, and she pressed her face into the dark hair of
his heaving chest.

"Love you, love you," she gasped, her body still trembling against
his sturdy frame.

He tried to recapture his breath, answering her with small kisses
along her cheek. Somehow he found the strength to sit taller against
the wall of the tub, lifting her into his arms so she'd feel snug
against him.

"Scully," was all he could say. He wanted to call her Dana, but it
just didn't seem right. Not yet, not now. Even after this
extraordinary intimacy, he wondered how he'd ever called her anything
but Scully.

"Hmmm... what?" she hummed softly against his chest.

"Nothing. No question. Just Scully," he answered. He caressed her
forehead with his lips, still thirsty for the taste of her.

"Sometimes you'd call me Dana when we made love," she crooned softly.

"How do you know what's on my mind?"

He marvelled at their ability to guess what the other one was
thinking, even now, on the edge of total exhaustion.

"I'm not sure myself, Mulder. You asked me about my name on Monday
and I've been thinking about it the last few days. When you called
me Dana last year... after we first made love... you'd hadn't called
me Dana for years." She laughed softly, then lifted her eyes to
connect with his now sated ones. "Don't get me wrong, I *do* like
it. I think it's about as much of a pet name I'd ever consent to."

"But you don't call me Fox."

"Oh God, no! I *like* my first name, Mulder."

He furrowed his brow in frustration, and apologized, "I'm sorry I
couldn't wait any longer-- so we could make love."

She looked at him fondly and asserted, "We just *did* make love."
She cradled his cheek in her palm. "I'm not disappointed at all.
After all you've been through... It's understandable."

He grinned and kissed her one more time. When they parted, Scully
let out a huge, involuntary yawn.

"I guess I'm pretty boring after all," Mulder quipped.

"No, no. I just seem to need more and more sleep the farther along
I get. Your lovemaking is just fine, Mulder... I've missed you so
much," she answered, caressing his cheek with one hand.

Mulder nodded, then moved his right leg slightly flipping the
bathtub drain open. The water started rushing out and Scully gave
him a questioning look.

"I'm going to shampoo your hair and put you to bed, young lady," he
informed her.

"All right, as long as you allow me the same privilege," she cooed
in his ear.

He kissed her cheek quickly, then helped her maneuver to a standing
position. As she reached over to turn on the shower, she felt him
tracing the outline of her tattoo with his forefinger.

"I only caught a glimpse of this when we were in the tub. It's very
sexy, Scully." He crouched down to trail light kisses over the
design, then continued, "I know how you got it from reading my
journal, and I didn't sound too pleased at all. What the hell
happened?" he asked earnestly.

"It wasn't a very good time for me, Mulder. I don't have a good
explanation for what happened in Philadelphia. I was questioning
everything-- my X-Files life, my personal life. I didn't know what
you were to me anymore. We were best friends, but sometimes you
treated me like a subordinate at work."

"I'm sorry if I did. I know I'm capable of being an arrogant
prick," he said, winding his arms around her so he could hold her
right below her breasts.

"It's not worth worrying about, Mulder. And if you're curious, and
I know you must be-- nothing happened. Just a few kisses and then
Jerse let me sleep on his bed. I've never told you that before
because you never asked. But now is just as good a time as ever to
let you know the truth."

He kissed her shoulder tenderly, then said, "It's easy to believe I
never asked. Certainly not then, or even later on. Especially after
you became sick, Scully. I couldn't live with myself if I'd made you
dredge up bad memories when you were facing so much."

She turned in his arms and reached her hands up, framing his face.
"I must have sensed something wasn't right with my body before I
found out about the tumor." Scully felt Mulder flinch in her arms
when he'd heard her last word, and she gathered him against her

"If you combine that with my mental malaise and my desire to rebel
against something, anything... Mulder, please don't feel bad. I
don't know what I would have done without you. Whatever else
happened between us remains inconsequential. You were there for me
when I really needed you."

"I'm glad," he said simply, turning his cheek into her palm, kissing
it softly. He wrapped his arms around her again and caressed her
neck with his lips. "Now," he growled, "Hand over the goods, woman.
I want to wash your hair."

Scully chuckled, then blindly reached into the cubby hole next to
the tub for the shampoo. She had a mischievous gleam in her eyes.
She wasn't going to relinquish the bottle so easily.

"I know where you're ticklish, Scully. It's no use holding out on
me," he asserted when he saw her expression.

She retaliated by shifting the vanilla concoction to her left hand,
so she could insinuate her right hand between their bodies, and
gently grip his member.

"Oh," he gasped. "All right. No tickling. Please, Scully."

She smiled devilishly, stroking him once more before releasing the
bottle to his shaky hand. "Okay," she chirped, turning toward the
shower head and saturating her auburn locks.

Mulder counted to five before daring to open the bottle. She knew
exactly how to unsettle him, and he wouldn't have it any other way.
He knew she would always keep him on his toes, especially when she
had the advantage of memories he couldn't retrieve.

"Have we taken a lot of showers together?" he asked idly, as he
lathered the thick gel through her hair.

Her shoulders shook as she laughed at his question. "Not too many.
But they're all memorable."

"Well," he drawled, "I hope this one will be."

"This one's near the top, Mulder. Don't worry about that."

He massaged her scalp with both hands and she moaned softly at the
luxury of having someone do this for her. She smiled at the prospect
of Mulder bathing her during her ninth month of pregnancy. By then,
washing between her toes would be a futile exercise without

By the time they'd finished their shower, gently drying each other
off with soft towels and wet kisses, it was close to ten o'clock.
They set the alarm for seven, and crawled between clean, smooth
sheets, not bothering with pajamas this time.

Mulder draped his long limbs around her, too tired to ask for more
than the pleasure of cradling her all night. His large hands gently
stroked her abdomen, blessing the life she nurtured within its
graceful curve. She stilled the movement of his fingers by entwining
their hands together, then sent up a silent prayer to God, thanking
Him for bringing Mulder back to her side.


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