TITLE: No Smoking, Please (1/1)
AUTHOR: Shoshana
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SPOILER WARNING: Seventh season episodes through Brand X.
KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance
SUMMARY: Post ep for Brand X.
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No Smoking, Please
By Shoshana

The sound of his apartment door opening and closing woke him from
a fitful sleep. He'd been hoping for this all night.

Light footsteps traversed his hallway, familiar with the route to
the bedroom door. A figure entered the room, walked around the other
side of his bed, and proceeded to peel off all her clothing.

He remained silent, neither disguising nor broadcasting his
wakefulness to the visitor. She was familiar with every breath he
took, asleep or awake, so why pretend to slumber...

She crawled in beside him, curling chilly arms around his waist.
One leg wrapped around his warm thighs, and her cold nipples pressed
against his back, straining toward his heat.

"Well, surprise, surprise... Agent Scully has chosen to grace my bed
once again," he quipped sarcastically, his voice gravelly and

"Shut up, Mulder. You know why I haven't been here. You needed to
rest... and you certainly weren't going to with me around," she
snapped back.

Large hands covered colder ones at his waist, gently massaging them
with both his thumbs.

"I can understand the first week... I really can. I was happy just
to be home and out of the hospital... But this last week... it's
been... uh, it's been... an exercise in self-discipline."

"How so?" she asked, clearly amused.

"Well, I had enough willpower to stay away from your place...
actually I knew you'd just turn me away at the door, so why bother?"

That elicited a ladylike snort from her, and he shivered noticeably
when she kissed him liberally, ranging from his broad shoulder to the
tip of his ear.

"You needed to develop your lung capacity, Mulder. I would just be
a distraction to your recovery," she reminded him.

"Yeah, well... it was distracting enough thinking about what we
could be doing if you were here. And I almost went down to Pleasure
Palace to rent a video that I never watch. But I toughed it out...
stayed at home, diverted myself with a few magazines Frohike had
brought me..."

She giggled, then said, "The ones you never read, correct?"

"Yes, those." He stopped stroking her hands, and turned around in
bed, facing her for the first time that night. His hands curved
around her neck, his body shifted closer to hers, positioning them
for a long, languid kiss.

He was short of breath when they parted, leaning against his pillow
in relief.

"Ah, I think I can say I told you so, Mulder. You need to build your
strength up," she teased.

He rasped back, "Not the first time you've said 'I told you so,'
Scully. Nor the last... And I'm just a little winded, not
incapacitated, for God's sake..."

He reached over to tickle the sensitive region just below her armpit
and she laughed and squirmed away from his touch. He stopped
voluntarily, and she pressed her body back against his side, one arm
encompassing his midsection, one hand seeking out his own.

"It's nice to have you back, Scully," he whispered, still hoarse.

"It's nice to be back," she returned.

"Why today? Because you saw me at work?"

"That... and other things," she mused.

"Like what?"

"Like... if you were actually contemplating having a smoke... I
thought it was high time I gave you something else to contemplate..."

"Uh, huh... Well, I didn't have a smoke. As you can tell. I left
them in that wastebasket, even after we returned from our meeting."

"I know," she assured him.

"Any other reasons you stopped by, Scully?"

"Mmmm... one more," she muttered.

"What's that?"

"Those new clothes... "

"The shirt and tie?"

"Yeah," she murmured.

"You're kidding... I've been wearing those for weeks."

"Don't know, Mulder. Just got to me today."

"So, you prefer me clothed?" he asked facetiously.

"Um, sometimes."

"I can get dressed now," he offered.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Mulder. I'm already
affected by that image of you at the office as it is. I don't need
instant replay."

"So, how *are* you affected, may I ask?"

"Oh, about as much as you are," she jested, her hand travelling from
chest to groin area, evaluating his present physiological state.

He groaned with pleasure, then shifted slightly to give her better

"Scully..." he gasped roughly.

"I think you've had enough time to recuperate, Agent Mulder. I
think I can safely take the situation into my own hands..." she

"I guess this means only one thing, doesn't it, Scully?" he asked

"Huh?" she replied, distracted by the reciprocating movement of his
hand against her pelvis.

"No smokes after sex."

She let out a raucous laugh, then surprised him, immensely so, when
she climbed onto his belly and pinned his shoulders to the mattress.

"Not even after sex, Mulder," she snickered, lowering her head to
his, kissing him soundly.

She was determined to fulfill all his oral needs, tonight, and


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