TITLE: Waking Up (1/1)
AUTHOR: Shoshana
EMAIL ADDRESS: shoshana1013@excite.com
SPOILER WARNING: Everything through Alpha.
KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully romance
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully wake up in her bed.
DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me.
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Waking Up
By Shoshana

     I inhale deeply, waking slowly. I'm not home, not in some crappy
forgettable motel in the middle of nowhere. Wherever I am, it smells like
Scully, my partner, my love, my bedmate? Whoa, Mulder. You're still fully
clothed, as is Scully, breathing quietly next to you. I'm holding her in my
arms, head tight against my chest, her small leg wrapped seductively around
my thigh. Her steady respirations are the only sound in the early morning
silence, before car horns, slamming doors and police sirens shatter our

     I don't dare open my eyes, basking in the sensual delights of my first
time in Scully's bed. Well, it wasn't really the first time I'd slept in
her bedroom, but this time she'd willingly joined me, an angel to wrap my
arms around.

     It smells like lavender here. She must have put on something lavender
before coming to bed. Did I get here first? And weren't we just eating
dinner and drinking a bottle of wine a scant few minutes ago? Oh, I hope I
didn't misbehave. Well, how annoying could I have possibly been? She
climbed into bed with me last night and even now was still holding on for
dear life, arms around my waist, leg caressing my thigh?

     I could no longer keep my eyes closed, eager to take in the sight of
her china doll complexion, framed by lovely auburn hair. She is sleeping
peacefully, mouth slightly agape. She had changed into flannel pajamas,
which was further evidence that I had preceded her to bed. She seems so
small next to my six-foot frame. Without heels, conservative business suit
and confident, self-assured demeanor, her aura softens. Femininity for my
eyes only. I haven't stopped thanking fate for bringing us together. I
haven't stopped thanking her for accepting my clumsy ploy last weekend. I
whisked her off on false pretenses, stealing precious time to be alone. Time
for us to completely relax and not be stony-faced Federal Agents
investigating God-knows-what atrocity the day has brought with it.

     I glance over to check the time, it's 5:55 a.m. I notice a picture
frame behind the clock-radio. Craning my neck a bit I see that Scully has
already framed the photo someone's surveillance camera took last Friday at
the seashore. Skinner received it, informed us of it, and cautioned us to
be discreet. Scully asked for it, a request I found daring at the time.
There was something sweetly sentimental about it now, our goodnight kiss
exposed on film, frozen in time.
     The alarm goes off and she mechanically reaches over to hit the snooze
button. Without opening her eyes, she knows I'm here and cuddles closer to
my side. I really should get up and go to the john. I've been waiting
patiently, not wanting to wake her up before her alarm sounded and now her
cuddling thigh is sending messages straight to my groin.
     "Hey, morning glory."

     "What's so glorious about it?" she says in a pretend grumble.


     She draws herself up to my neck and plants a kiss that sends a shiver
through me. "Aren't you hung over?" she asks.

     "Should I be?"

     "You drank practically all the wine."

     "Is that why I have all my clothes on?"

     "That and it's really hard to undress a comatose man your size."

     "I guess you're used to undressing corpses, Scully," he teased. "They
probably don't give you as much resistance. Was it early when I passed


     "I told you I don't drink very often. Sorry."

     "It's alright. It was nice to have you waiting for me."



     "I'll be right back."
     My body was defeating me, straining to do what comes naturally in more
ways than one. I untangle myself from her limbs, rush off to the john and
gratefully lose my now painful morning erection. We were due at work in an
hour and a half and we'd only been an item for less than a week. I'd rather
give her all the time in the world to pick some future date to make love.
I've waited all this time. I can wait a little longer.

     It was 6:00 a.m. I crawl back into bed, facing her snoozing body. I
caress her cheek, smooth back her hair and collect her closer into my arms,
kissing her cheeks. She opens her eyes for five seconds and smiles, content
to be kneaded into whatever shape I choose. We rest in each other arms till
the alarm comes on in earnest at 6:15. She turns it off, yawns heartedly
and turns over again. Her eyes fixate on mine, curious, smiling, full of
love. The raw emotion in her eyes overwhelms me. I still can't believe how
lucky I am...I'm in Scully's bed, about to kiss her. Lips touch lips and
tears stream down my face, mingling with her own salty downpour.