TITLE: What I Expect (1/1)
AUTHOR: Shoshana
EMAIL ADDRESS: shoshana1013@excite.com
KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully romance
SUMMARY: Scully tells Mulder what she expects from him.
DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me.
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What I Expect
By Shoshana

     "Mulder, I think it's time to go to bed."

     "Aren't I still on probation?"

     "No, I think the trial period has finally elapsed. Conjugal visits are now fully in force."

     "Are you sure? I don't want to be accused of exerting undue pressure."

     "Maybe it all depends where and when the pressure is applied, " Scully quipped.

      "Why don't you tell me in advance? Then I'll be careful not to make any faulty moves."

     "Is this really necessary? Must I outline in detail what I am expecting of you?"

     "Oh, yes. I would like to know what criteria I am being judged on," he demanded.

     "Judged on? This isn't the high school science fair, Mulder!"

     "I still would like to hear from you exactly what you're expecting from me, in thorough detail, before we shed all our clothes, inhibitions with them."

     "O.K. But remember, this was your request. I am not responsible for any unexplained side effects that arise during my descriptive analysis."

      Nervous cough. "I can live with that."

     "Well here goes nothing...first I'd like you to undress me. Very slowly, taking your time with all the buttons on my blouse, not merely throwing it over my head."

      "Right," he affirmed.

      "Then, I'll help you slip off that t-shirt and we'll pause to gaze at each other's half-clad bodies."


      "I like to be kissed all over my face, behind my ear, under my neck, on my eyelids, my forehead, my mouth, my nose..."

     "O.K., O.K. I've got the idea. Pretty much everywhere on the face!"

     "Yes, and then we'll kiss passionately for at least five minutes or so, all the time running our hands through each other's hair, stroking each other's arms and torsos."

     "Have I taken off your bra yet?"

     "No! Not yet! We're still on kissing, Mulder!"

     "What's next, then?"

     "Then, after I become dizzy with your kisses, then you can gently unhook my bra and slide the straps slowly down my arms. You may now reverently touch my waiting breasts, cupping them in your quivering hands."

     "Oh really, Scully, must they quiver?"

     "Oh, not like you're going through detox or anything. Just a sufficient amount of breathless apprehension would be fine. Back to the timeline, Mulder. You cup them in your hands, fully appreciating their size and shape. You bend down to kiss one nipple, then the other, as I stroke my hands lovingly through your silky hair."

     "Uh. Huh," a voice cracked.

     "You then pay more attention to both nipples, vigorously sucking each one in turn, as I rub my hands across your back, your neck, anywhere within reach."

     "Are we still standing?, " he whispered with a gasp.

     "Oh, yes. Not horizontal yet. You've given my chest a lot of attention and I reciprocate by rubbing my hands all over yours, stopping to nip wherever I like. You've moved your hands down to my behind, caressing its softness and pulling me tight against your now aching groin."

     "Yes," groaned Mulder, as though he really meant it.

     "Very effective sound effects, Mulder. Keep it up. Well, next you unbutton my jeans very slowly, locking lips with mine and thrusting your tongue into my mouth as soon as I let you. You slide the denim off slowly, carefully, caressing my legs and thighs, bending down to help me slip out of each pant leg."

     "All right," squeaked Mulder.

     " I'll gradually unbutton your jeans, slowly rubbing my hands along your groin. Your pants tighten as I wickedly drive you to distraction. You'll gasp out loud as I leisurely undo each silver fastener, relieving your constricted penis."


     "I help you pull your pants off, rubbing up against you as I do, then pulling myself closer to your groin."

     "We're still standing?!" puffed Mulder.

     "Oh yes! We don't have our underwear off yet! You gently slide my lacy black briefs down my legs, bending down and kissing my navel, my stomach and thighs as you bring them to the floor and slide them off my feet. Then I gently caress your fully erect penis, helping you drop your boxers to the floor, where they join the rest of our carelessly strewn clothes."

     "Scully, I can't take much more of this preamble," said Mulder, laboring for breath.

     "Oh, Mulder. We're almost there! We're almost in bed!"

     "No, Scully! We're NOT almost in bed and my body can't restrain itself anymore after you've almost lectured me into orgasm. I'm cutting short the descriptive analysis for my own sanity and your imminent satisfaction!"

     With that, he leaped from his side of the couch, grabbed Scully, and carried her toward the bedroom, squirming and giggling in his arms.